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Cleaner water

in your village and around

VillageWaters Project
VillageWaters suggest most effective wastewater treatment solutions in scattered dwellings households, which use their own, independently operated water purification systems.

Helping Homeowners
Environmentally oriented families and homeowners, who live in scattered dwellings areas, where connecting to larger wastewater plants is not option because rural distances.

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Steering group

Steering group

Professor Arvo Iital from Tallinn University of Technology (ES), Professor Tuula Tuhkanen from University of Jyväskylä (FI), Professor Ryszard Błażejewski from University of Life Sciences in Poznań (PO), Professor Ivars Kudrenickis from University of Latvia (LA), Director Andrius Kairys from Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania (LT), Manager Asmo Honkanen from Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) The Steering Group has met five times: 21 12

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